Ambigrams, Logos, & Word Art. Ambigrams, Logos, & Word Art.

Things are as they appear to be. And they are otherwise.

My early paintings were cubist portraits. “Cubist Male” is from the early 70s. The other paintings here are much more recent and contain words.

The figure/ground paintings have words hidden within more obvious words.

“Layers” paintings are short words with geometrically shaped letters that reach the edges of the canvas, overlapping but accessible.

Most of the logoplay paintings are anagrams. Some others communicate by way of how they are cropped or juxtaposed with other “logos.”

Mixed symmetry pieces display vertical relationships between words with polar opposite meanings.

I have several series of paintings. Despite widely varying looks, they are (with few exceptions) related by themes of wordplay and/or symmetry and polarity.

My “rorschach” pieces coax order (words or faces) out of apparent chaos.

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